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Waste and Process Heat

Utilizing Energent's Euler Turbine the world's first solar thermal Kalina cycle power plant provided power for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

A Variable Phase cycle was designed and the Variable Phase Turbine supplied for recovery of waste heat from a ship engine (shown).


The Variable Phase Turbine for shipboard waste heat recovery generated 175 kWe from flashing high temperature refrigerant and provided direct drive of a generator without a gearbox.


A Hermetic Variable Phase Turbine was provided by Energent for an ORC system that recovered waste heat from an incinerator. The process design and control logic were also performed by Energent. The 200 kWe unit used the working fluid, R134A, to cool the generator and lubricate the bearings so that no external seals were required.

An Euler Turbine and generator set was designed and manufactured for a waste heat recovery power plant in a refinery. The unit was designed, manufactured and tested to API standards. The working fluid for the power plant is an ammonia - steam mixture. The unit is shown during factory testing at Energent before shipment to China.