About Us


Energent has use of extensive manufacturing and testing facilities. Five-axis milling machines are used to produce research turbines. We manufacture and test complete Microsteam® Turbines at our factory before shipping to customers. A Variable Phase Turbine test system is installed on site and used to evaluate nozzle and turbine geometry. A 4 MW Euler turbine for a waste heat power system was recently tested.

High pressure cryogenic facilities provide liquid and gas fluids for testing. Currently we operate a Variable Phase cycle test system, a Microsteam® Turbine test stand with grid connection, and a cryogenic Variable Phase Turbine test stand.

The shared facility has 60,000 square feet of state of the art manufacturing under roof and 45,000 square feet of open test area (shown during an expander test). A state of the art data acquisition system is a part of the facility.