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Variable Phase Turbine

The Variable Phase Turbine is a patented, hermetic turbine generator that generates power from two-phase, transcritical, and single-phase expansions. It is the basis for the Variable Phase cycle.

Energent has designed Variable Phase Turbines for process applications including LNG, ethylene, and ammonia production, as well as other industrial refrigeration processes. The yield in these production processes can be improved by replacing the Joule-Thomson expansion valve with a hermetic Variable Phase Turbine. For example, in the application to LNG the plant output can be improved by greater than 6-7% by adding variable phase turbines in parallel to the existing Joule-Thomson valves.

The Variable Phase Turbine shown was operated by flashing liquid nitrogen at -160oC. The measured power agreed closely with that predicted.

Please refer to our technical paper for a more detailed description of the technology and its application to geothermal power production in the Variable Phase cycle. Also, a complete list of Variable Phase Turbine installations and testing experience is included in our two-phase turbine reference document.