Energent turbine powers Taiwan's first geothermal Kalina cycle power plant

Taiwan's first Kalina cycle geothermal power plant was started-up successfully featuring Energent's Euler Turbine. The plant is located at Qingshui geothermal field in Northern Taiwan about 60 miles south of Taipei. The Euler Turbine that was installed is a modified version of the Microsteam® Turbine Power System for use with the ammonia-water mixture. The heat source for the cycle is classified as a low-temperature geothermal resource, with well temperatures near 230 degrees F (110 degrees C).

The plant is owned and operated by Shanghai Shenghe New Energy Resources Science & Technology Co., Ltd (SSNE).The purpose is to demonstrate the Kalina Cycle for the National Science Institute and the local government.

SSNE has an exclusive license from Global Geothermal to use the Kalina Cycle in China. SSNE, in turn, has an exclusive agreement with Energent to purchase Euler Turbines for use in these Kalina Cycles. In addition to the demonstration in Taiwan, SSNE is in the process of building a full-scale test facility for the development and improvement of the Kalina Cycle and Euler Turbines for the Kalina Cycle, and is actively pursuing the waste heat recovery market in China. Energent supplied a new 100 kW, 56,000 rpm Euler Turbine utilizing a high-speed generator and power electronics. The unit is operated by SSNE in their test facility.


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